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FOAF + OpenID is a semantic web attempt to solve the problem of blog spam. The idea is that those people who have FOAF files and OpenID identities can identify each others networks of friends, colleagues and acquaintances using their FOAF files and authenticate the individuals using OpenID. I’ve found a flaw in this: I … Read more

Communities can’t flourish in walled gardens

I recently posted on the dangers of using closed Social Networking sites to develop community. Since writing that post I have entered into numerous discussion about my position. These discussions have taken place in both “walled garden” tools as well as within open communities such as mailing lists, direct emails and the blogsphere. In that … Read more

XCRI: standard course information

At the recent IWMW, I went to a session on XCRI. Unfortunately I was too busy listening to take detailed notes and the presentation slides don’t appear to be in the web. XCRI is a new standard for exchanging post-compulsory course information. Universities, further education, adult learning centres, vocational agencies and continuing professional development providers … Read more

ICANN moves against

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which controls such key elements of the Internet as mime types, character sets and the DNS, has taken action against, a domain-name registry that appears to be in a protracted financial implosion. In 15 days‘s customers will have their domain names moved to another … Read more