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ICANN to start Internationalised Domain Name testing

The ICANN plan to roll out domain names non-western scripts is about to release trial top-level domain names using the world ‘test’ translated into Arabic, Persian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese and Tamil. The top level trial domains will be retired once production domains in these scripts are rolled out: … Read more

Communities can’t flourish in walled gardens

I recently posted on the dangers of using closed Social Networking sites to develop community. Since writing that post I have entered into numerous discussion about my position. These discussions have taken place in both “walled garden” tools as well as within open communities such as mailing lists, direct emails and the blogsphere. In that … Read more

Depositing documents in repositories: Which repositories should we use?

Recently during a discussion with Pete Cliff from RSP, the question arose “which repository, if any, should OSS Watch be putting our documents in?” The possible answers were: don’t put them anywhere put them in an institutional repository put them in a subject-specific repository put them in a funder-specific repository put them in a creative … Read more