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Version 2.0 of the Mozilla Public License

Following a two-year revision process based on feedback from Mozilla and the broader open source legal community, version 2.0 of the Mozilla Public License (MPL) was recently released. The licence encourage contributors to share modifications they make to MPL-licensed code, while still allowing them to create projects that combine MPL-licensed code with code under other … Read more

i4i and the law of retaliation

The legal troubles of Microsoft with Canadian technology firm i4i may seem far removed from the world of open source, but in fact this legal battle – which has just reached its final stages in the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) – will have repercussions that are bound to change the environment in … Read more

The Novell Deal

The web has been aflutter with the news that Novell – owners of the SUSE Linux distribution – have been sold to Attachmate, and that futhermore a bundle of 882 patents belonging to Novell have been sold to CPTN Holding, a somewhat mysterious proxy for a group of tech companies organised by Microsoft. Whenever the … Read more

IP dust-up round-up

In a world where the most recent arguments over IP are almost impossible to track effectively (although I’m grateful to the The Guardian for providing this handy diagram on who is suing whom in the world of mobile phone technologies) it’s nice to be able to catch an argument that is going to be huge … Read more

Google responds to Oracle: ‘Unclean Hands’

Almost two months after Oracle filed suit against Google over the use of Java technologies in Android, Google has responded – somewhat angrily. The gist of Google’s responses are as follows: Google has not infringed Oracle’s patents …which are invalid anyway …and unenforceable because Oracle have waited too long to enforce them Also, Google’s Android … Read more

Oracle vs Google: Triple Damage!

In Norse mythology it’s predicted that the final days of the world will see a supernatural wolf called Sk├Âll swallow the sun before helping to kill Odin, the mightiest of the Gods. In a move that will surprise no ancient Vikings, Oracle – the gigantic database corporation that up swallowed Sun Microsystems – has made … Read more

My pacemaker will not be tweeting just yet

June 2007:the Free Software Foundation (FSF) publish their third ‘discussion draft’ of their proposed new licence, the GPL version 3. Alongside this new draft is published a so-called ‘rationale’, which helpfully explain the changes made since the last draft. Originally the FSF had planned to require all forms of encrypted GPL software to be accompanied … Read more