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Open Source Software Licensing Trends

This is a guest post from Jim Farmer, Chairman of Instructional Media + Magic Inc. Jim has also written a series of feature articles on open source for Informa’s London-based Intellectual Property Magazine. Higher education has traditionally been a knowledge “sharing” environment. Early software was exchanged without license and, in practice, without restrictions. As the monetization … Read more

Open Hardware at CERN

Last week I took the opportunity to visit Oxford’s Hackspace and see a talk by Javier Serrano of CERN.  Serrano has been working together with Moorcrofts, an Oxford-based legal firm, on the latest version of CERN’s Open Hardware Licence (OHL). CERN’s systems have unique requirements in terms of scale, synchronisation and geographic distribution.  As a … Read more

Digital Exhaustion

When I was a poor student I was extremely grateful that the local bookshop had both a new and a second hand section. Text books were and are expensive, and I would always check the used section for a usable if dog-eared copy of whatever text I was seeking. At the end of each term … Read more

Unlicensed code: is it ever OK?

In an earlier post Mark Johnson responded to recent commentary about unlicensed code on Github. Mark criticised the idea put forward by some pundits that developers not licensing their software project was some kind of movement. Instead Mark sees it as emerging from a lack of education (or, quite possibly, sheer laziness). He also reiterated the point that … Read more