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Open Hardware at CERN

Last week I took the opportunity to visit Oxford’s Hackspace and see a talk by Javier Serrano of CERN.  Serrano has been working together with Moorcrofts, an Oxford-based legal firm, on the latest version of CERN’s Open Hardware Licence (OHL). CERN’s systems have unique requirements in terms of scale, synchronisation and geographic distribution.  As a … Read more

Ubuntu Edge – Crowdfunding the Formula 1 of phones

Today Canonical announced the next step in their project to bring Ubuntu to the phone.  A new potentially record-breaking IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign has been launched for the “Ubuntu Edge” – a device which seeks to bring together all the latest developments in mobile technology into a limited-run consumer device… that will run Ubuntu, of course. … Read more

Unclouding the issue

You can’t do anything with software at the moment, Open Source or otherwise, without the word “cloud” being thrown about.  If you’re looking at options for software you might want to use, it can be hard to see through the hype of this term, and understand what product you’re actually talking about.  This article is … Read more

What is Open Source Hardware?

As 3D Printing starts to take off and hit the mainstream, the Open Source Hardware movement is also stepping up a gear. Open Source Hardware applies largely the same model of innovation to hardware that FOSS brings to software. With Open Source Hardware, designers openly license the digital artefacts needed to create objects – for … Read more