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The spirit of innovation

In his article ‘The secrets of changing the world‘, Stephen Sackur explores the characteristics that he believes unite genuine innovators. To identify the common qualities that ‘seem to separate us sheep from the innovative goats’, he draws on interviews he has conducted over the years with some of the world’s great innovators, in spheres as … Read more

The increasing importance of open source for the EU

An interesting video message from Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, was published last week. The message was recorded in support for GNOME and its events, such as the upcoming GNOME Users’ And Developers’ European Conference. In this video, she reflects on times when open source was not considered in public organisations, because of … Read more

TransferSummit – Industry and the Open Source Community

Buildings that last are always open How is the open source model like Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre? Ross Gardler, in his introduction to the TransferSummit conference this June, put forth this theory: the Sheldonian, Christopher Wren’s greatest early work, required a huge range of transferred expertise and what was then the latest technology in its construction. … Read more

Transfer Summit – Innovation Track

I’ve just returned home after a fascinating two days writing the live blog for the Innovation Track, one of three tracks at the TransferSummit, a conference sponsored and organised by OSS Watch. This track was billed as a ‘top-level immersion into the world of open source’. It delivered comprehensively. Far too much ground was covered … Read more

Is UK research ‘wired for innovation’?

Apparently French research is not ‘wired for innovation’. The reason, according to Presans who reports from a recent Lyon round table, is the low levels French public research score on the Technology Readiness scale. Technology Readiness is a model used in the aerospace and defence sectors to evaluate the maturity level of a new technology. … Read more