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Open Source Junction 3: mobile and cloud, Oxford 20-21 March 2012

Mobile technologies have become an integral part of our lives. Research indicates that by 2015 80% of people accessing the Internet will be doing so from mobile devices. Mobile applications and services are changing the way we engage with the web, and to a certain extent with each other. At the same time, cloud technologies deliver … Read more

Open Source Junction 1: cross-platform mobile apps – the extras

Following the publication of Michelle Pauli’s blog report on our recent event, we are pleased to bring you a series of mini-interviews with speakers and attendees from both industry and academia. The interviews give a flavour of the range of interests represented at the event, and an insight into why people came and whether their … Read more

OSS Watch Open Source Junction, Oxford, 28–29 March 2011

This guest post was written by Michelle Pauli, who also wrote the live blog at Open Source Junction. ‘More people pooling more resources in new ways is the history of civilisation’ Howard Rheingold Open source software features, in some form, in just about every mobile device. This has created huge opportunities for innovation, communication and … Read more