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Releasing a new Open Source Project – BitTorrent Sync Indicator

BitTorrent, creators of the highly popular distributed peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, recently released BitTorrent Sync, a solution for syncing folders between machines based on the BitTorrent protocol.  BTSync provides a fully distributed and encrypted alternative to services like Dropbox where all your data is synced through a third-party server. BTSync has been released for Windows, … Read more

How to write better commit messages

Commit messages are an important part of how software is developed, debugged and maintained, and when done badly can become an unnecessary barrier to collaboration in open source projects. Bad commit messages make it harder to figure out where problems have been introduced, especially for newcomers to a project. The worst-case scenario for anyone trying … Read more

Unlicensed code: is it ever OK?

In an earlier post Mark Johnson responded to recent commentary about unlicensed code on Github. Mark criticised the idea put forward by some pundits that developers not licensing their software project was some kind of movement. Instead Mark sees it as emerging from a lack of education (or, quite possibly, sheer laziness). He also reiterated the point that … Read more

Rebooting Open Source Projects

One of the most annoying things that can happen to software is for it to become “abandonware”, particularly if its something you rely on. This is where the original developers of the software cease further development or support, usually to move onto other projects, or sometimes due to a change of employment or other personal … Read more