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OSS Watch releases Open Source Options for Education

We’ve written several times recently about the UK Cabinet Office’s Open Source Procurement Toolkit, and the Open Source Options document that forms part of it. The original document lists open source alternatives for common proprietary solutions that might be used in government and public sector organisations.  The types of software solutions listed are mostly generic … Read more

Six Reasons Funded Projects Are Set Up To Fail

Agencies run funding programmes with an expectation that many will not lead to sustainable innovations in the longer term. But is the structure of funded projects itself causing projects to fail? Dr Cathy Gunn and Rhiannon Herrick have been investigating this issue, looking at 22 projects in Australasian higher education from the past five years, … Read more

Moodle – a homogenous community of users and developers?

When discussing the tools used by open source communities, a conversation inevitably arises about mailing lists and forums.  The received wisdom suggests that the more technical members of the community (often, the developers) prefer mailing lists, while the less technical members (often, the users) prefer forums. I see this distinction as much like the distinction … Read more