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OSS Watch refreshed

Some exciting changes have happened at OSS Watch this week, when Scott Wilson and Mark Johnson joined our team. This is wonderful news, since both Scott and Mark have great in-depth experience with open source in the sector. I am very pleased to hand over the management of OSS Watch to Scott. Through his work, … Read more

Don’t keep your data under your desk

It is a well-known problem for researchers. Data is being collected for a research project and no decision has been made about how to manage the data during the project. Naturally, once you have finalised the project and start publishing on the end results, you may deposit your final dataset in a institutional repository such … Read more

Graduating Apache Rave project demonstrates open innovation in software

The Apache Rave project graduated from the Incubator last month. This means that the Rave project has demonstrated to be a viable project community, which is being governed well according to the meritocratic principles of the Apache Software Foundation. Apache Rave provides a next-generation portal engine, supporting (Open)Social Gadgets as well as WC3 widgets. Have … Read more