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Changing Licences

There’s a story in wired about licences in flickr photos. The problem is that flickr requires users to tag each photo with one of a range of licences (including “all rights reserved”). Users can change the licence at will, either on individual photos or on thousands at once. If a third party takes a creative … Read more


FOAF + OpenID is a semantic web attempt to solve the problem of blog spam. The idea is that those people who have FOAF files and OpenID identities can identify each others networks of friends, colleagues and acquaintances using their FOAF files and authenticate the individuals using OpenID. I’ve found a flaw in this: I … Read more

Access from Prisons

Beautiful morning by Stuart Yeates This morning while talking to Niall Sclater (Director of the Open University’s VLE Programme) at moodlemoot about barriers to migrating the last of the Open University’s paper courses to electronic courses via moodle, he pointed me to a great pilot underway in some of the roughest prisons in London. The … Read more

New OSI licences from Microsoft

The Open Source Initiative have announced the approval of a pair of licenses from Microsoft. The Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) and the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL) are: …refreshingly short and clean, compared to, say, the GPLv3 and the Sun CDDL. They share a patent peace clause, a no-trademark-license clause, and they differ only in the … Read more

ICANN to start Internationalised Domain Name testing

The ICANN plan to roll out domain names non-western scripts is about to release trial top-level domain names using the world ‘test’ translated into Arabic, Persian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese and Tamil. The top level trial domains will be retired once production domains in these scripts are rolled out: … Read more