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GNOME and Project:Possibility: collaboration in open source accessibility

In my last post I mentioned how satisfying it is to watch the results of making introductions between people or groups. Recently I was involved in a link up between students and GNOME accessibility and though I’d explain how events panned out, as well my hopes. Project:Possibility organise team coding competitions for computer science students. … Read more

Governance Models – everything you wanted to know but where afraid to ask

After an extensive gestation period, OSS Watch are pleased to have jointly published 3 documents on the important subject of Governance Models for open source projects. That is excellent value for your money. The documents on our web site undergo a rigorous quality assurance process that ensure they are technically correct and well scribed. The … Read more

Another example of community interaction

I’m beginning to see the value of small examples of community interaction as illustrations of good open development practice. Mark Johnson started this off with his tweet about his first contribution to Moodle being accepted, and Mark’s subsequent presentation at the recent OSS Watch Engaging developers with open source projects workshop.So here is the second … Read more

Guest Post: Peter Cudd on the freedoms discovered through open development

This post is by Peter Cudd BSc PhD, Senior Research Associate and project lead of Maavis at the School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield.Our project, Managed Access to Audio, Visual and Information Services (Maavis), is also being guided in its open development journey by OSS Watch. Open development has been a new … Read more

Get the most from open source accessibility with help from OSS Watch

Open source accessibility and Assistive Technology projects offer very real benefits to FE colleges and the individual students they support. The zero licence cost of open source plus the freedom to copy and redistribute are well known and provide great flexibility in how programs are deployed. More significant benefits derive from those projects that practice … Read more