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Build a better Facebook through open innovation

There is a rapid groundswell of concern about Facebook. The main issue is privacy, or rather Facebook’s attitude to individual privacy and data ownership. Over the years the default settings have relaxed from most items being private, to virtually none being so. Unless the user makes a concerted effort to change settings. Accordingly, there is … Read more

The growing popularity of open source assistive technology: Interview with Will Walker

The day before I discussed the importance of open source screen readers with Joanie I interviewed Will Walker about open source accessibility and development of assistive technology. At the time of the interview Will was still module maintainer of the Orca screen reader, a role Joanie has since taken on after Will had to step … Read more

Importance of open source screen readers for accessibility: Interview with Joanie Diggs

Right at the end of the CSUN conference I cornered Joanie Diggs, newly appointed module maintainer of the GNOME Orca screen reader. We flopped down in a quiet corner to chat about open source and screen readers. Topics covered include Joanie’s journey to becoming Orca maintainer (03:10), the benefits of open source development for accessibility … Read more