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Open source innovation

In June 2010 I chaired the inaugral TransferSummit Conference (report) in Oxford. The byline for that conference was “Open Source, Open Development, Open Innovation”. In September this year we are running TransferSummit again. The tag line this year is “Open Innovation Everywhere.” I’m proud of the conference we have created. Jay Lyman, Senior Analyst at … Read more

Writing good software

OSS Watch recently ran the second Open Source Junction a series of events connecting industry and academic innovation in open source mobile technologies. The event series seeks to make these connections through software developers. Stephen Walli, the Technical Director of the Outercurve Foundation attended both events and, during the internal evaluation phase in which OSS … Read more

Rave in Context

At OSS Watch we recommend that software be split into reusable components wherever possible. Furthermore, we argue that projects should work to make their components attractive to third parties. This is good software engineering and open development practice that can lead to more sustainable software since it enables open innovation. Unfortunately, software development teams often … Read more

Rave proposal brings together US and European partners

There are currently three separate open source implementations of extensible and lightweight Java platforms for the hosting, serving and aggregation of Open Social Gadgets and services. These platforms are the engines for internet and intranet portals and form the building blocks to provide context-aware personalization and collaboration features. Each of these three implementations has its … Read more