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TransferSummit/UK: 24-25 June 2010

Every two years, OSS Watch hosts an international conference, and registration has just opened for our 2010 event. At TransferSummit/UK, business executives, technologists and members of the academic and research communities will be able to meet and discuss requirements, challenges and opportunities in the use, development, licensing and future of open source technology. In an … Read more

Guest post: 2010 – Threats to copyleft

This post is by Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz, Director for European institution studies at Unisys Belgium (Brussels). His team is in charge of the (Open Source Observatory and Repository), the Free/Libre/Open Source information platform and forge launched by the European Commission for public sector projects. Combining freedoms and copyleft in the Gnu GPL licence (invented by … Read more

Jacobsen v. Katzer case settled

In the closing chapter of this complex story, the intricacies of which have previously been explained in this blog, the parties in Jacobsen v. Katzer have filed a settlement agreement with the California district court. The ruling, which favours Jacobsen, is also seen as a significant victory for the FOSS community in that it establishes … Read more

Control versus community

Running an open source project without a governance model is like building a house without plans: a recipe for disaster. A governance model describes how a project is managed and how third parties can interact with that project. In particular, it describes how decisions are made within the project, the ground rules for participation in … Read more