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Mark Johnson is Development Manager as OSS Watch

Getting Started in Open Source – Video

Recently OSS Watch were invited to produce a video for an online course discussing how to get involved in open source software projects.  In the video, we discuss why you’d want to contribute to open source projects, how to choose the right open source project for you, the communication channels used by open source communities, … Read more

Releasing a new Open Source Project – BitTorrent Sync Indicator

BitTorrent, creators of the highly popular distributed peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, recently released BitTorrent Sync, a solution for syncing folders between machines based on the BitTorrent protocol.  BTSync provides a fully distributed and encrypted alternative to services like Dropbox where all your data is synced through a third-party server. BTSync has been released for Windows, … Read more

Open Hardware at CERN

Last week I took the opportunity to visit Oxford’s Hackspace and see a talk by Javier Serrano of CERN.  Serrano has been working together with Moorcrofts, an Oxford-based legal firm, on the latest version of CERN’s Open Hardware Licence (OHL). CERN’s systems have unique requirements in terms of scale, synchronisation and geographic distribution.  As a … Read more

OggCamp, A Free Culture Unconference

This October sees the return of OggCamp, the UK’s biggest community-run Free Culture event encompassing free and open source software, hardware hacking, creative commons media, and much more. The event features a scheduled track of speakers (currently being confirmed) alongside 3 barcamp/unconference tracks where the attendees give talks about their projects, ideas, campaigns, or whatever … Read more

Ubuntu Edge – What Happened?

The Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign finished today, which despite having more money pledged than any previous crowdfunding campaign, fell $20 million short of it’s massive $32 million target. The good The campaign created a huge amount of mainstream press for Canonical and for Ubuntu, at a level never seen before.  Jane Silber, Canonical’s CEO, was … Read more