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Mark Johnson is Development Manager as OSS Watch

A new Voice in the crowd

6 Months ago, 4 journalists quit their respective jobs at the leading UK Linux magazine, Linux Format.  Today, a new magazine hit the shelves of the country’s newsagents: Linux Voice. With the same team behind it, Linux Voice has the same feel and a similar structure to old issues of Linux Format. However, Linux Voice … Read more

Commitment Gradients in OSS projects

In a recent training session, I discussed commitment gradients – how much extra effort is involved to move between each stage of involvement within a project.  After the session I was asked for some examples of commitment gradients and how it’s possible to make them shallower, so it’s easier for people to progress their involvement … Read more

Open Source Options for Education updated

We’ve just updated our Open Source Options for Education list, providing a list of alternatives to common proprietary software used in schools, colleges and universities.  Most of the software we list is provided by the academic and open source communities via our publicly editable version.  Some new software we’ve added in this update includes: SageMath … Read more

TYPO3 Communications Workshop

In November OSS Watch travelled to Altlenigen near Mannheim in Germany to run a 2-day workshop for the TYPO3 community as part of their Marketing Sprint Week. Across the 2 days, Scott Wilson and I presented sessions on the varieties of communities and why we form them, communication within online communities, governance of free and … Read more

What Is A Pull Request?

The concept of a software patch is well understood by users of version control systems such as CVS and Subversion, but with the recent rise in popularity of distributed version control systems (DVCSs) such as Git, a new method for submitting changes to a project has evolved: the pull request. While not a feature of … Read more