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Open Source Junction 3: mobile and cloud, Oxford 20-21 March 2012

Mobile technologies have become an integral part of our lives. Research indicates that by 2015 80% of people accessing the Internet will be doing so from mobile devices. Mobile applications and services are changing the way we engage with the web, and to a certain extent with each other. At the same time, cloud technologies deliver … Read more

DataFlow new release

As mentioned in an earlier post, DataFlow is an Oxford-based project in the JISC UMF programme building a data management infrastructure to help researchers manage their research data. OSS Watch, in collaboration with Open Directive, are providing licensing, development, community and sustainability support to the project, which is now getting very close to a new release. Developers have … Read more

Version 2.0 of the Mozilla Public License

Following a two-year revision process based on feedback from Mozilla and the broader open source legal community, version 2.0 of the Mozilla Public License (MPL) was recently released. The licence encourage contributors to share modifications they make to MPL-licensed code, while still allowing them to create projects that combine MPL-licensed code with code under other … Read more

Open Source Junction 2 – early bird registration ends tomorrow

If you want to hear about industry-academia collaboration and join the newly created open source mobile tech community, then you should plan to be in Oxford on 5-6 July at Open Source Junction 2. This second event in the Open Source Junction series targets specifically context-aware mobile technologies. Speakers from industry and higher education institutions will present … Read more

Open Source Junction 2, 5-6 July 2011

OSS Watch, in collaboration with 100% Open, has created Open Source Junction, a series of exciting events connecting industry and academic innovation. These events bring together the best business and academic minds to explore how the two sectors can jointly innovate and exploit open source mobile technologies. Following the successful Open Source Junction 1 back … Read more

Open Source Junction: cross-platform mobile apps

The open source mobile app space is getting increasingly crowded. The recent opportunities for developers to produce and distribute mobile apps through a range of app stores is taking the developer world by storm. If, as the saying goes, all people dream of writing a poem at least once in a lifetime, then perhaps there aren’t many … Read more

Is UK research ‘wired for innovation’?

Apparently French research is not ‘wired for innovation’. The reason, according to Presans who reports from a recent Lyon round table, is the low levels French public research score on the Technology Readiness scale. Technology Readiness is a model used in the aerospace and defence sectors to evaluate the maturity level of a new technology. … Read more