Leveling the playing field for open source in education and public sector

Last week I presented at ALT-C in Nottingham on the topic of open source in education and the public sector.

This was partly to invite people to participate in Open Source Options for Education, and partly to open up discussions around software procurement policies and processes in the sector.

The discussion tended to confirm our survey findings that the practice of procurement including open source options varies a lot within institutions, resulting in different biases (both for and against FOSS). So the degree to which FOSS is considered for procurement in education can be quite different depending on who you’re dealing with. To get a more balanced approach to closed and open source software would therefore require engagement with all of the different groups engaged in software procurement to develop their understanding and practices.

Here’s the slides:

2 thoughts on “Leveling the playing field for open source in education and public sector

  1. Scott Leslie

    Is there anything by way of a transcript or recording? This is a topic of keen interest, how to actually equalize the pitch, and would love to hear more on the specifics of how folks are trying to achieve this in their procurement processes.

  2. Scott Wilson Post author

    Hi Scott,

    Sadly not. If you download the slides you’ll find my notes and references in the Notes section. We also have some resources on our site about this topic – http://oss-watch.ac.uk/resources/briefings

    I was also planning to take the time to outline one procurement process I was involved in for selecting between Moodle and Blackboard as thats something I get asked about fairly often.


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