OSS Watch releases Open Source Options for Education

We’ve written several times recently about the UK Cabinet Office’s Open Source Procurement Toolkit, and the Open Source Options document that forms part of it.

The original document lists open source alternatives for common proprietary solutions that might be used in government and public sector organisations.  The types of software solutions listed are mostly generic packages such as operating systems and office productivity suites that would be of use to most organisations.  While it contains some software for specialist areas, the document is designed to be broad so doesn’t go into the detailed needs of each area.

With OSS Watch’s focus on open source within education, we’ve produced a document entitled Open Source Options for Education to complement the cabinet office’s which focuses solely on open source alternatives to proprietary solutions used in educational establishments.

Working with the educational community and with the communities around many of the featured projects, we have compiled a list covering various areas of administration and content production that are specific to education, as well as tools that may be used for teaching specific subjects.  Where possible, we’ve included real-world examples of their usage.

As the document has the same goals as the cabinet office’s, the guidance we wrote on making use of theirs applies here too.

While some of the tools we’ve included may be generic packages that are included as such in the cabinet office’s document, we’ve looked at them specifically in the context of their application to an educational situation, such as using an office package to author e-books.

OSS Watch would like to thank all of those who contributed to this first version of this document.  If you feel that you have a contribution to add, be it an open source alternative to a common piece of proprietary educational software, or an example of one of those pieces of software listed being used in an educational context, you can add your contribution on the publicly editable version of the document, or get in touch with us directly.

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  3. Laura

    You’ve created a nice list of Open Source software options for educators. Am sure it will be useful.
    You might want to check Schoolforge’s list of Free Software for Education for some ideas of Open Source applications that didn’t make it in your current list:
    Might also be nice if you could share efforts with Schoolforge on some of the work to create and maintain information related to Open Source for education.

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