TransferSummit – making open accessibility connections

Being involved with the TransferSummit was one of those experiences that I will look back on with great pleasure for years to come. Not only was the theme of innovation and collaboration through open source something  I have for long time wanted to see become reality in the accessibility arena, but being part of such a great team has been of enormous personal benefit. If only I could have concentrated more on all the talks and BOFs, but that would have required the TransferSummit to run 3 times so I could attend everything.

Of course one of key values of such conferences derives from the connections and discussions that go on between the presentations. Having spoken to some of the people who attended from the open accessibility space I’m really pleased to hear they wasted no time in connecting up. For example Garry Paxton of said he found it extremely valuable and hooked up with folks like Matthew Lee of Pengwern Mencap National College. I’m extremely pleased to see the strong community of open accessibility collaborators that is forming in UK HE. I understand from those of the community present, that they found TransferSummit provided them ample food for thought and discussion opportunities.

Equally pleasing was that the TransferSummit hosted the rather impromptu introductory launch meeting of REALISE, a new JISC funded project exploring open innovation in accessibility software. EA Draffan and Peter Cudd from the lead institutions of Southampton and Sheffield met with Ross Gardler of OSS Watch (and chairman of the conference committee). There could not have been a more perfect setting for this first REALISE meeting.

I’m sure there must be other stories of successful connections made at the TransferSummit. Please do let us know about them in the comments to this post