The growing popularity of open source assistive technology: Interview with Will Walker

The day before I discussed the importance of open source screen readers with Joanie I interviewed Will Walker about open source accessibility and development of assistive technology. At the time of the interview Will was still module maintainer of the Orca screen reader, a role Joanie has since taken on after Will had to step down. Will also vacated the position of GNOME accessibility lead, a post that is still open. Will gave some of his insights gained through many years working in open accessibility software development and serving user needs.

We cover the recent growth of interest in open source assistive technology and its relevance to users (01:20), how GNOME accessibility features help developers (04:25), the ease of developing when open collaboration is possible between projects (06:05) and simple ways to encourage users to become, and stay, involved (08:15).

Listen to the audio below or download it in mp3 format.

Running time: 13 min

Note: If you’re wondering why I checked that Will was not going to sing a song then this post by Eitan Isaacson will explain all.