Get the most from open source accessibility with help from OSS Watch

Open source accessibility and Assistive Technology projects offer very real benefits to FE colleges and the individual students they support. The zero licence cost of open source plus the freedom to copy and redistribute are well known and provide great flexibility in how programs are deployed. More significant benefits derive from those projects that practice open development and thereby allow anyone to contribute or collaborate. Users can obtain community support from other users and developers, they can formally report issues and collaborate on new features, perhaps specifically required for individuals. Further, if the college creates it’s own in-house adaptations these can be passed over to the project becoming available in the next version for all to benefit from.JISC OSS Watch advise FE colleges and HE on engaging with open source projects and those that practice open development. We do not advise on specific programs or projects, rather we help you understand and evaluate open source so that you can confidently select programs and guide you in ways to most effectively engage with existing projects. We are expanding our understandingly of how and why open source is important in the accessibility domain. For example we have a case study on AccessApps from the RSC Scotland North & East and another on the ATutor accessible VLE. These can be found on our website along with articles that explain how to get the most out of open source software and how to develop software in an open community.If you use any open source tools that you think would make good case studies then please let us know. We are also interested in hearing of FE or HE projects that we can advise.Website: feeds: