Building FOSS and Education links

At OSS Watch we often find that it is hard to find software developers who really understand what open source is about. All too often people think it is simply a way of licensing software.

It is true that the licence is extremely important, critical even. But it is also true that on its own, an open source licence is not sufficient to create good software (surprise!). For good open source software we also need to understand how to manage and engage with users and (if we are lucky) the developer community. This requires a set of skills not commonly taught as part of a typical computer science or software engineering degree. Yet learning to manage a succesful open source project is not difficult.

Recently OSS Watch have been working on some plans to start solving this problem. More accurately, we have been looking at ways to bring together the excellent work of others and tie it into formal education and work based learning. These plans are still solidifying, but they are progressing well and we now have a very impressive line up of collaborators, ranging from little old OSS Watch all the way up to some of the heavyweights of the open source software world.

Many of theseĀ  people, and some others, will be meeting at a pre-FOSSDEM EduCamp. Anyone interested in these issues should consider signing up for the event which is likely to be both useful and fun.