Richard Stallman talks to OSS Watch

Sometimes you get a bit of luck and last month OSS Watch certainly got a bit of luck in that we managed to secure an interview with Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and commonly regarded as the Father of Free Software. ¬†Stallman was speaking at a couple of events in Manchester at the beginning of May and Paul Anderson of Intelligent Content was able to catch Stallman between engagements for an interview on OSS Watch’s behalf. ¬†Paul has worked with OSS Watch on a number of projects to date and his credentials as EPSRC’s Computer Science Writer of the Year for 2007 made us hopeful that we would be able to draw out Richard Stallman’s views on areas of interest to us and our community. We weren’t disappointed.

Check out Richard Stallman on the road less travelled to find out Richard Stallman’s thoughts on the use of free software in education, the responsibilities incumbent on institutions producing software, and the current move towards Web 2.0 and Software as a Service.