WebPA get more traction

Why is it I only ever seem to blog about WebPA and its successes? Surely there are other JISC funded projects out there that have similar levels of success in engaging with a user and developer community? I suspect the difference is that Nicola Wilkinson, systems developer on the WebPA project, puts the effort into informing the wider community of what is happening, thus I get to hear about it (other projects that have equally vocal team members should let us know via a comment here).
This time Nic posted the following on the projects mailing list:

Today, the WebPA team have received some really good news from Dr Bob Cherry
at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). WebPA has been piloted there
with one of Bob's modules. From this pilot Bob has been able to report that...

"WebPA is now embedded in our first year and will be for the next five
years. Typically 180-200 students will be subjected to.. [WebPA] ..every
year." (Dr Bob Cherry, MMU)

Further more "Another Head of Department suggested that if it was successful
then it would find further deployment at MMU (everyone has issues with
student group work)."

This is a great success for MMU, the WebPA team and JISC, showing the real
need for the WebPA tool in Higher Education.

Well done to the WebPA team. As I’ve said many times before, more users means more people willing to pay for services around the software and more people willing to contribute to its development.