Simal to release version 0.1

Simal, an open source project using DOAP/RDF files to reflect and build software-oriented communities, has a release candidate for their 0.1 release and looks like we’re about to get it out the door. The idea is that Simal takes RDF-encoded descriptions of projects and uses them to build small-scale community functionality. Much of the available RDF-encoded information about projects is actually in RSS feeds (think blog feeds, version control feeds, wiki change feeds, mailing list feeds, etc), and all these will be available for inspection and aggregation, eventually.

I like to think that Simal is the semantic-web hybrid of freshmeat and planet. I’d like to be able to build freahmeat-like displays of all recent releases of all the software my software is dependent on, for instance, all their contributor’s blogs aggregated together, or all their high priority bugs. But it’s still very early days yet.

Even though only the most basic of functionality is present in the most limited of ways, we’ve already had some third party participation, which of course, is the key benefit of the “release early, release often” approach to software engineering.

I’ve attached a presentation about Simal based on the presentation I gave at last weeks Google Open Source Jam 3 in London: Simal presentation

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