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The Wikipedia hoover

Back in August Wikimania came to London and I heard some interesting discussion there of Wikipedia’s approach to open access materials and the tools they are developing to support that approach. This github repo contains some interesting open source projects designed mainly to automate the process of identifying cited external resources that can be copied into Wikipedia’s … Read more

Icon Envy

Github, popular code sharing and collaboration site, has recently become much more attentive to the subject of unlicensed code. Obviously, like any user content driven site, Github had extensive terms and conditions that governed what Github itself could do with code that you uploaded. However, unlike Sourceforge or Google Code, it lacked a robust framework … Read more

Basic Freedoms Marketing

I attended the Think GCloud event in London last week, which was extremely interesting and informative. In the exhibition area the words ‘open source’ were everywhere on the pop-up display stands and freebies. Clearly the sector has taken the government’s indication that it wishes to seriously consider open source solutions very seriously. Leafing through the … Read more

Digital Exhaustion

When I was a poor student I was extremely grateful that the local bookshop had both a new and a second hand section. Text books were and are expensive, and I would always check the used section for a usable if dog-eared copy of whatever text I was seeking. At the end of each term … Read more

Trademarks and FOSS

On April 19th the United States Patent and Trademark Office finally rejected an application for the trademark ‘Open Source Hardware’. The grounds for the rejection were that the term was ‘merely descriptive’. Trademarks are intended to identify a specific source of goods or services, protecting that source from confusion in the minds of consumers with … Read more

Openly developing data models

I was interested to see the following announcement flow through my mailbox thanks to Google Alerts: The Financial Services Industry is full of duplicated and repetitive tasks performed within each of the financial firms with little or no standardization in what is being done. One of the most affected functions is data management with the … Read more