Call for Contributions: Open Source Options for Education

As discussed in our recent briefing paper, the UK Cabinet Office has published a document entitled “Open Source Options”, listing open source alternatives to software commonly procured in the public sector.

At OSS Watch, we’re working on a document to complement this, entitled “Open Source Options for Education”. As the name suggests, this document is focusing solely on open source alternatives to software used by educational establishements. Otherwise, the aim of the document is the same as we describe in our briefing.

From our experience and research, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are alternatives to the most common categories of software used in education, but we’re sure there’s more out there. For this reason we’re opening up the document to contributions and comments from the community.

You can view the document in its current state at If you’ve used an open source option that we’ve missed, or know of an example where one of our options has been used, feel free to edit the document with your amendments. You’ve you’ve got any general comments or observations about the document, you can discuss in the documents comments, or by commenting on this post.

If you’ve got any other questions about the document, don’t hesitate to drop us an email to

2 thoughts on “Call for Contributions: Open Source Options for Education

  1. Nicole Harris

    Mark, are you focusing on ‘tools that are used for learning’ or ‘software used in educational establishments’? If the later, then I’d off course have to suggest Shibboleth and other alternatives such as SimpleSAMLPhP. If the former, I’d suggest tweaking your description a bit.

  2. Scott Wilson

    Hi Nicole,

    Definitely the latter – any type of software used in education that isn’t already covered by the more generic tables in the Cabinet Office document.


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