Open Source Junction 2, 5-6 July 2011

OSS Watch, in collaboration with 100% Open, has created Open Source Junction, a series of exciting events connecting industry and academic innovation. These events bring together the best business and academic minds to explore how the two sectors can jointly innovate and exploit open source mobile technologies.

Following the successful Open Source Junction 1 back in March, Open Source Junction 2 will focus on context-aware mobile technologies. In computer science, context-awareness refers to the idea that computers can both sense and react based on their environment. Context includes location (the users’ absolute or relative position, surrounding resources, physical conditions, such as noise or light levels), but is also understood as a broader process involving users themselves (their habits or emotional states, patterns of social interaction, types of activity, etc.).

This two-day workshop, to be held on 5-6 July at Wolfson College in Oxford, will showcase a selection of context-aware mobile projects and provide delegates with key knowledge of open innovation and open development. Participants from both industry and academia will also have a unique opportunity to explore potential partnerships in the field of context-aware mobile technologies. Registration is now open.

I hope to see some of you at the event.