Contribute to the OSS Watch National Survey 2010

Here at OSS Watch we have just started our National Software Survey for 2010 and we are in the data collecting phase. Everybody active in Higher or Further Education in the UK is invited to take part. This survey, commissioned by JISC for the fourth time, will assess the state of software policies and usage in Further and Higher Education.

In previous years this survey has been sent out to ICT directors across FE and HE institutions in the UK. This year, however, we have decided to expand the survey, in order to gain a broader view of the state of open and closed source software in FE and HE. Therefore, if you work in the UK HE/FE sector, we encourage you to contribute. Your data will provide invaluable background on the status of open source use as depicted by ICT directors, and will make an important contribution to the future planning of ICT procurement and support by FE/HE institutions and the JISC.

Please access this year’s survey here.

We appreciate that you may not know the answers to all of the questions as you may not be dealing with all aspects of policy planning and implementation. We would, however, appreciate any information you can provide, so please don’t hesitate to give this survey a go.

The previous survey, conducted in 2008, found that there awareness and usage of open source software has increased significantly, although closed source software remained more popular than open source in both HE and FE institutions. The survey pinpointed the main obstacles to engaging with open source software as being a perception of difficulty and a need for more resources and highly skilled staff, as well as a perception that open source software is not supported.

On the OSS Watch website you can read the detailed findings from the 2008 report (pdf) and the 2006 report.